März 06 2020

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Australia is a vast continent boasting not only a handsome list of birds – over 800 species – but also a host of animals found nowhere else. One of the great features of any kind of trip to Australia, is the sheer abundance of many of the birds and animals. Some of the most abundant bird species are also some of the most striking and colorful – with birds like Superb Fairywren, Rainbow Lorikeet and Galah being conspicuous birds in many areas, animals like wallabies and kangaroos seem to be around every corner!



Regent Bowerbird, Scaly-brested Lorikeet, New Holland Honeyeater


The ease of which many of these species may be seen is often illustrated by the long species lists even in a short trip. In a few intense weeks in Eastern Australia you can expect to walk away with more than half the continents birds, and a healthy dose of mammals too. Australia is far wilder than Europe, Asia or North America, and in a very short time you can explore rainforests, savannas, Eucalypt forests, heathlands and inland arid woodlands in comfort.




Flames of renewal

The bush fires in Australia were covered intensely by the media in 2019. An area the size of Iceland burnt, mostly in New South Wales and Victoria, the two most densely populated states, and many people and much wildlife was impacted (11 million hectares of Australia's 769 million hectares burnt - about 1,4%). While the fires were devastating for the communities impacted by them, much of the system is built to withstand and recover from fire, and already many trees are resprouting and understorey plants not seen for years have germinated for the first time in a decade. The continents' Tropical savannas burn every year, and the seeds of many heathland and eucalyptus forest plants need heat (or smoke) from fires to propagate. Without fire these habitats would disappear, as would their characteristic birds: New Holland and Tawny-crowned honeyeaters and Southern Emuwren.





Australia is on your bucket list?

SWAROVSKI OPTIK and Tropical Birding have developed a series of tours, short tours and workshops with the goal of encouraging more people to try birding and wildlife observation. These tours are designed to be accessible for all experience levels, from new birders to seasoned naturalists. The tours are run in an informal, friendly and relaxed manner. Expect to learn a lot, see a lot and enjoy access to a variety of SWAROVSKI OPTIK products with world class tour leaders.

Find out more about the Birdwatching Vacation to Australia in September 2020 that involves fun, friendly expert guiding and observe iconic species like cockatoos, birds-of-paradise, honeyeaters, fairyrwrens kangaroos, wallabies, crocodiles and goannas. The trip will involve early mornings in the field and a lot of driving, but the walks will not be strenuous and the birding will be at a pace where beginners will not be overwhelmed.



Australian Bustard

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Tropical Birding Tours is a birding and wildlife photography company that runs over 130 types of tours around the globe. Their trips range from relaxed beginning birder trips to very high intensity tours that try to maximise species seen. Tropical Birding also organizes photography workshops and tours to photograph birds and other animals all over the world.

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