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People at heart - sponsoring e-bikes for employees

April 30 2019

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People at heart - sponsoring e-bikes for employees

In 2017, we at SWAROVSKI OPTIK sponsored e-bikes for our staff. Back then, 50 employees, drawn by lot, received an electric bike. This year, another 50 randomly selected workers became the proud owners of brand-new company e-bikes.


As a visionary company, we at SWAROVSKI OPTIK strive to be a sustainable business in every possible way. Reducing congestion, alleviating traffic for the neighbors and promoting employees’ health – all in one go. The e-bike-rental project with 100 beneficiaries is a full success.

In April 2019, one in seven employees in Absam, Austria, received an e-bike sponsored by SWAROVSKI OPTIK. More and more colleagues are now turning away from their cars and taking their bikes to work.

The e-bike rental is part of a broad variety of social benefits that SWAROVSKI OPTIK is providing for its staff: kindergarten, canteen with healthy, high-quality dishes cooked from regional, seasonal ingredients, plus numerous health initiatives, such as sports classes, cooking courses, lectures on alimentation, mindfulness training, and a company doctor.

„It makes us very happy to see that our team members are so warmly welcoming the e-bike-rental initiative. The company covers the cost of the deposit (2,200.00 Euros). For a fee of merely 10.66 Euros per month, our employees can rent the bikes. Additionally, all staff members may take advantage of the free company bus. We also sponsor annual tickets for public transportation for all employees. Thus, even when it is raining or snowing, you do not have to rely on your car to commute. Personally, I regularly take the bike to go to the office, which is not only good for me but also good for the environment”, underlines CEO Carina Schiestl-Swarovski.


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