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SWAROVSKI OPTIK: An attractive employer

“When new staff join us, they pick up immediately on the special ambience that pervades the company. It is a combination of drive and sense of belonging, in the knowledge that every task fulfills a particular purpose and has meaning. Team spirit at SWAROVSKI OPTIK must not only be learned at seminars. It has evolved over decades into a specific characteristic of the company.” 

(Carina Schiestl-Swarovski)

Our employees are the foundation on which the success of SWAROVSKI OPTIK is built. Appreciation of value, target-oriented management, and support for further development all show that our people are close to our heart.

This is what our employees think of working at SWAROVSKI OPTIK

To me, SWAROVSKI OPTIK means good apprenticeship training and a very socially responsible company.

The beauty at SWAROVSKI OPTIK is that we’re all one big family.

The unique thing about SWAROVSKI OPTIK is the feeling of community, the feeling that we’re all pulling together.


  • Fair pay

  • Interesting and challenging duties and tasks

  • Career and promotion prospects within the company

  • Bespoke training and further education provision

  • A positive and friendly working environment

  • Mutual appreciation and recognition

  • Flexible working hour models

  • Family-friendly workplace structure (company kindergarten)

  • Welcoming offices, clean assembly areas, new machinery, etc.

  • Social provisions such as a canteen, company shuttle transport, company parking, and a pension scheme

  • Occupational healthcare such as company sports courses, participation in sporting events, company doctor, vaccinations

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