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PA-i7 digiscoping adapter – special moments created in an instant

Mai 02 2017 by Editorial Team | Category: Accessories

The popular SWAROVSKI OPTIK iPhone* adapter is now also available for the
iPhone* 7. The PA-i7 adapter is used to attach SWAROVSKI OPTIK spotting scopes and binoculars to the iPhone* in a single motion to produce a telephoto zoom lens. This enables you to instantly take enchanting close-up shots that capture special moments forever.

The new SWAROVSKI OPTIK PA-i7 adapter makes the world of digiscoping accessible to iPhone* 7 owners. Suitable adapter rings are available for a wide variety of SWAROVSKI OPTIK spotting scopes and binoculars. You can connect the PA-i7 quickly and easily by attaching the correct ring to the relevant eyepiece cup. If the adapter ring is removed again after digiscoping, the remaining aluminum frame provides elegant, top-quality, and rugged protection for your iPhone* in everyday use.

Flexible combination options

The adapter enables the iPhone* 7 to be combined with the following binoculars and spotting scopes from SWAROVSKI OPTIK: CL Companion, EL family (32, 42, 50), EL Range, SLC family (42, 56), ATX / STX / BTX, ATS / STS, and ATM / STM. All the iPhone’s* operating features are available while using the adapter and the specially designed strap ensures the iPhone* is secure.

The adapter from SWAROVSKI OPTIK can be purchased from authorized specialist retailers, as well as at

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Posted on Mai 16, 2017, 12:51

Can I order this online and how much is it.


Designed for use with SWAROVSKI OPTIK products. Available for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and all Android devices.

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